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Together as One Cambaliza McGee LLP is a Member of the Alliott Global Alliance of independent professional firms.

Elon Muttsk

Elon Muttsk became a valuable member of Cambaliza McGee LLP in August 2021, assuming diverse responsibilities that go beyond the conventional role. Serving as our firm's mascot, food taster, security guard, and therapy provider, Elon brings a unique blend of skills to our team. Known for his boisterous presence, he adds a touch of vibrancy to our office environment, although he occasionally indulges in some on-the-job naps.

Despite being the highest-priced team member at $1,000 per hour, clients adore Elon, making his contribution an appreciated expense. We've heard rumors of other firms attempting to recruit him, but Elon's unwavering loyalty to Cambaliza McGee LLP is evident, as he recognizes it as the exclusive firm that joyfully celebrates every holiday with delectable cuisine!