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Tax Planning and Preparation

Tax Planning and Preparation

Successful Tax Planning Means You Get to Keep More Dollars!

Some business owners focus on top-line revenue, while others pay more attention to the bottom line.  Neither of these calculations are ultimately the amount of dollars you get to keep after taxes.  That said, one question that business owners should consistently ask is “How can I legally reduce my company’s taxable income?” 

Determining your tax strategy and proactive planning is imperative before year-end and before any major transactions such as acquisition, expansion, or dissolution.

Knowing the tax results of your business decisions before you make them, helps remove the fear of the unknown, and empower you to make the wisest decisions to ensure your company’s long-term health and success.                                                                  

Tax Returns Need to be “Score Cards,” not  “Surprises!”                                                                                               

Some people believe “good” CPA’s are those who help get the biggest tax refunds for their clients. At CM, we disagree. A truly competent, business-savvy, and strategic CPA understands how to legally minimize your taxes through smart and proper business planning. The amount that ultimately shows up on your tax returns, should never be a surprise.                                                                                                       

Our tax experts, business strategists, and CPA’s provide business and personal income tax filings for all states. Below are the key differences we embrace each and every day that drive all of our client interactions.